10 Pack Maxtop AEH0407D-M2 D-Sharp Earhanger PTT for Motorola Talkabout T200 T400 T465

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Features:Enhance Communication: This earpiece produces high-quality sound. Users hear transmission clearly and receive effectively.User-Friendly Design: Metal clip on the PTT back clips securely onto lapel, collar or tie. Users are easy to adjustDurable Cable: Flexible PU cable reinforced with KevlarWorry Free Guarantee: One Year WarrantyCompatible:Motorola PMR446 license free: XT180, XTR446, XTB446, XTL446 Motorola EM Series: EM1000, EM1000R, EM1020RMotorola MR/MH Series: MR200R, MR350R, MR350TPR, MR355R, MR356R, MR560R, MH230R, MH230TPR, MH370Motorola MB/MT/MG/MJ Series: MB140R, MT350R, MT352R, MT352TPR, MG160A, MJ270RMotorola MC/MD/MS/MU Series: MC220R, MC225R, MD200R, MD200TPR, MD207R, MS350R, MS355R, MU350R, MU354RSpirit GT / GT plus, FR50, FR60 SX500, SX620R, SX700, SX709R, SX750, SX800, SX900, SX920R FR50, F60, FV200, FV200R, FV200AA, FV300, FV500, FV500R, FV500AA, FV600, FV700, FV750, FV800Motorola TLKR Talkabout: T3, T4, T5, T7, T4, T6, T8, T40, T41, T50, T60, T61, T80, T80 Extreme, T81 Hunter, T82, T82 EXTREME, T92 H2O, T100, T100TP, T107, T200, T200TP, T260, T260TP, T261TP, T265, T280, T400, T402, T460, T461, T465, T480, T600 H20, T605 H20, T631 Consumer TALKABOUT Radio: T5000, T5146, T5200, T5300, T5320, T5400, T5410, T5412, T5420, T5422, T5500, T5512, T5522, T5532, T5550, T5600, T5620, T5700, T5710, T5720, T5725, T5800, T5822, T5900, T5920, T5950, T5820, T6000, T6200, T6210, T6212, T6220, T6222, T6250, T6300, T6310, T6312, T6320, T6322, T6400, T6412, T6500, T6510, T6550, T6512, T6552R, T7000, T7100R, T7150R, T7200, T7400R, T7450R, T7100, T7150, T7200, T7400, T7450, T8000, T8500, T8550, T9000, T9500, T9500R, T9500XLR, T9550, T9550XLR, T9580XLR, T9650, T9680, T9680R SAME



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